SAT/ACT PowerPrep Programs

The Standard

Retail $350

Project $14.99

Instant access from any internet device including computer and tablets

Getting Started

Over an hour of video that explains everything about the exam and how to use the PowerPrep, including how to access all of the officially released exams and our Directed Daily Prep on Twitter and fb Questions, Tips, & Words of the Day Samples of Question, Word, and Tips of the Day.

Video Classroom

11 + hours of instructor led video and 45+hours of class work.

Taught by professional instructors and authors (all our instructor have JD, PhD, or Masters Degrees).

Lessons Questions

120 Lessons and 122 drills ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes presented by expert instructors

Practice Questions

Hundreds of practice questions with detailed explanatory answers presented by expert instructors


Electronic Outlines for each of the 120 lessons and sample questions. Use these outlines to create an organized review or pint them out to supplement your own written notes from the video classroom


Over 20 quizzes with incredibly detailed answers, including detailed explanations for officially released exams. The quizzes test everything you learn in the classroom and provide additional training for competency and speed .

Tracking & Scheduling

The schedule and tracking is available electronically or you can print a hard copy. Tells you at a glance what you have completed and what remains.

The Premium Pro

Retail $600

Project $49.99

Learn About the PowerPrep

1. Get a 1 Day VIP ALL-Access pass to use the program

2. Videos & demos about the program and the SAT/ACT Exam

100+ Hours of student study time

The Most thorough and flexible program available. Gives the student multiple ways of preparing and learning in their own style and pace.

Instant access from any internet device including windows or apple desktop or laptop and any iOS device including iPads/iPhones and any Android tablet or phone

Includes Everything from the Standard Program

- Getting Started: all officially released exams, Daily Tweets & fb

- Video Classroom: 11+ hours on 120 videos.

- Lessons & Drills: 242 Lessons and drills

- Practice Questions: hundreds of questions with detailed explanations

- Outlines: 120 lesson outlines with sample questions

- Tracking & Scheduling: detailed reporting


Supplemental Classroom Explanations

Additional alternative and expanded explanations and approaches to the video classroom lectures. For the student who wants more and varied options and learning styles.

Supplemental Drill Questions

Hundreds of additional practice and drill questions for the student who wants more work. All the extra drill questions have the same incredibly detailed explanations that link into the classroom.

The Vocabulary Building workshop & eDictionary

We reviewed ten years of SAT and ACT exams and found the top 780 vocabulary words. The workshop is taught by an expert instructor and the interactive eDictionay includes all of the top 780 SAT/ACT words:See the words, hear the pronunciation, review the definition, see the word in a sample sentence, and get a memory cue and movie for each word.

The 250 FasTrak Tips

Think electronic flash cards:250+ bite-sizes tips that cover every aspect of the SAT and ACT exams. Every concept included in the PowerPrep Classroom is also highlighted in FasTrak Tips, so you can quickly review or preview any topic or subject.

The eBook

Generally: The 800-Page book has been fully integrated and cross-linked into all of the classroom videos. It covers every SAT and ACT topic with examples, quizzes, diagrams, graphics, lecture notes, teacher's insights, practice questions, drill questions, detailed explanations and much more. This book is used by schools as their main course of study to prepare students for the SAT and ACT and has sufficient content to be used on its own as the basis of a semester length course.

But when combined with the instructor led video classroom, the eBOOK becomes a multimedia powerhouse.

Standard Use: You can use the ebook as you would any electronic ebook. Follow the electronic table of contents or index to locate the content you want to study and then click to that page to read and study that material.

Integrated multimedia Approach: The ebook is completely integrated into the video classroom. Every video is crosslinked to the exact location in the book corresponding to that content. You can watch the lecture and supplement with the book. This gives the student multiple learning styles.

Extra Questions: The ebook includes hundreds of additional Drills and Practice Questions not included in the Standard or Premium courses(with incredibly detailed explanatory answers)

The Big Book of Grammar: This giant grammar section is unique to Powerprep. It includes every grammar principle ever tested on the exams with graphic details and thousands of practice, drill, and quiz questions. The Premium Pro is worth getting just for the Big Book of Grammar. You will use it for the SAT/ACT but you will also keep it to refer back to during all of high school and college and beyond. It's that good of a resource.