LSAT FlexPrep

Practice makes perfect.

  1. Improvement begins the moment you make a mistake, realize the mistake, analyze it, learn how to repair it, and then practice the fix repeatedly. Unless you take the time to thoroughly analyze your mistakes, you are destined to repeat them. That is why we believe so strongly in the practice and homework phase of this program. Practice, practice, practice… and do it correctly. You will attempt every kind of question and learn the correct way to approach each one. You will analyze your answers against the correct, detailed explanatory answers, including the incorrect answers. When you miss a question, you will stop and scrutinize your work and thought process thoroughly to find the error. You will then repeat the question type, until you have worked on hundreds of LSAT questions and are prepared to reach your highest potential!


  1. We view our relationship as very similar to that of a coach and an athlete. FLEXPREP™ makes the practice sessions as interesting as possible given the nature of the information we are dealing with. FLEXPREP™ will also provide you with all of the information necessary for scoring your best on the LSAT. In the final analysis, the intensity and amount of work you apply to the practice will determine the outcome.
  2. Some people get nervous just watching a championship event, others focus more intensely when the competition heats up. If you are not already, you will become the kind of person that increases your focus. LSAT FLEXPREP™ will prepare you for the LSAT so that when you enter the room to take the test, you will be full of confidence. You will know exactly what to expect. You will have dissected and analyzed every section of the LSAT. You will have completed hundreds of actual LSAT questions. You will have strategies for each section. You will be ready to perform at your peak.


  1. You should plan on devoting between 45 and 100 hours on your LSAT FLEXPREP™ preparation and schedule your exam accordingly. Begin by identifying a period of 4-6 weeks where you can devote two hours per day to your preparation. This preparation time might be available during a holiday period or, treating your LSAT preparation as a class, could be scheduled into a semester of school. Keep in mind that nothing will have more impact on which law schools you qualify to attend than your LSAT score. Not your GPA, not your personal statement… nothing. So you will be well served to plan well and schedule quality study time for your LSAT preparation.