eKnowledge   SAT/ACT PowerPrep

PowerPrep Pro All Access

with Math Super Supplement

New Contents

  • 120 New Videos
  • 20+ Hours of additional video instruction
  • 150 hours of additional student participation time
  • 200+ pages of additional text/Graphics
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Multiple Approaches

We show students how to get a problem right even when you DON’T know the math!

The PowerPrep is the ONLY course that demonstrate alternative methods for answering all questions.

Additional tools include:
Real world logic, backsolving, plugging in answers, picking numbers, process of elimination and estimating. This gives students more tools to answer these questions.

Multiple ways to answer a question (3 of the 120 videos)

  • Q18 Fractions Ratios Decimals—Graphic Estimating, Logic View
  • Q24 Plug in Answers, Traps, Backsolving View
  • Q56 Logic and Estimating​ View

Expanded Higher Math Class

  • Newly expanded section on Plane Geometry and Trigonometry
  • 23 New Videos
  • 4+ hours of new video instruction
  • 30+ hours of new student participation time
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Official Math Test

  • Actual 60-question exam from the recently released SAT/ACT
  • Our own detailed video and text answers
  • Detailed Student Diagnostic Reports Video 1 Video 2